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Simple Scents Distributor & Retailer of Cosmetic Ingredients, Essential Oils and Fragrances. Our Essential Oils & Fragrances are imported from France operating under Aromatics Original Materials Co.,Ltd which has experienced in the fragrance industry almost 20 years.

Our products are carefully selected for quality, including the source of natural fragrances. We are importer and distributor that reach to all target groups, both those who want to make products for their own use and the manufacturers for distribution.
We distribute raw materials for cosmetics, fragrances, various base oils
with DIY tools and accessories to choose according to your own desire
with simple formula and procedure that you can do it by yourself.

We also cooperate with Scent Creation Studio.
Scent studio is for you to design your own signature fragrance to use in finished products.
Located on the 2nd floor of Simple Scents

You can bring the products that you choose from our store to craft
it to finished product by yourself. Our expertise will advise and help you in every step (under conditions specified by the store)
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Natural Cosmetic Products
Ingredients Extract from Natural
Flowers and Herbs
Cosmetics Handcraft
Simple Scents
3/8 Bangwaek Rd. Bangphai, Bangkhae, Bangkok 10160 Thailand
Tel : 096-9246970  / 02-000 0861
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